Thank You For Loving Me

It must be uneasy for you

To handle me the way I am

Only you, know me very well

To the deepest skin that can’t be seen


Nobody has the patience as you have

While I’m not being an angelic one

Arousing the pure thing I have in much

To kiss you now, I kiss you then

Please your lips, just be ready there


I’m grateful to have you as my man

It’s indeed you always and ever

Grow flowers in our garden

Sprout my love time after time

Beautify my life more than u know


You, I have no one to compare

For your love will never end

For my love will never change


 –for you, my neverland–

6 comments on “Thank You For Loving Me

  1. yes baby..i’ll be ready…heuahauhauhauha….

    nah buat puisi gini toh…in english…
    jgn indo molo….heauhauh…




  2. esterlianawati

    emang knape pake bhs indo, cintai bhsmu sendiri dong 😛

    cepet smbh ya, gw dah ngidam poke neh hiks.


  3. bukan gitu…kalo pake bhs ing lebih……ummhhh…. enak dibayanginnya…ehauhauhauh

    oke beb…kita mam poke nanti stlh g cek up kedua..which is 10 jan’09…hahahaha..lama yah bo??? g kmrn lupa tanya lagi ma doc-nya boleh gak mam yg mentah2 gitu… 😦


  4. esterlianawati

    ya lama amat, keburu lahiran itu seh :p
    telp aja tuh dokter, jaman dah canggih gini, masa pake nunggu cek up kl cuma buat nanya 😛 dah gak tahan neh…hiks.


  5. aduh beb….org sabar disayang Tuhan…hahahah….
    g jg dah kepengen bgt tuh mam poke..lg diskon apa yah dia??hahah…


  6. esterlianawati

    Setau gw, Tuhan cinta semua org, yg sabar atopun engga. Hihi.
    Diskon niaga 20% doang…;;)


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